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  • Dr. Shu Namiki, Chair of VICTORIES Executive Committee, will deliver a plenary talk "Challenges and Impact of Dynamic Optical-Layer Switching - Ten years of VICTORIES and Beyond" at OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, held in New Orleans, LA, USA.
  • ISUPT2017 co-sponsored by VICTORIES, was held in Winchester, UK,
    hosted by University of Southampton.
  • The 15th Network Architecture Study Group3 (NASG3) Meeting will be held.

  • The 14th Network Architecture Study Group3 (NASG3) Meeting was held.

  • VICTORIES put up a display booth at FOE2017 / VCOM2017 at booth No. 31-16.

  • The 13th Network Architecture Study Group3 (NASG3) Meeting were held.

  • OFC 2017 was held at Los Angeles Convention Center, USA. VICTORIES will put up a display booth at #3039.
    The theme is ”Optical Layer Challenges to Network Softwarization: Resource Management; Hardware Virtualization; Open Disaggregation”
    * To request the document of "Guideline for Disaggregate Rack and and Blade", please click the right orange banner.

    1. Open & Disaggregated Node for Optical Path Network proposed by VICTORIES Project(PNG:1.4MB)
    2. Fast Protection Switching in Disaggregated Optical Nodes by Inter-blade Cooperation(PDF:618KB)
    3. Performance-assured Network Function Virtualization for Open and Disaggregated Optical Transport Systems(PDF:520KB)
    4. Highly Integrated Silicon Photonics Switches(PDF:1MB)


  • The 12th Steering Committee Meeting and the 21st Advisory Committee Meeting were held.

  • The research paper on VICTORIES research result by Dr. Tanizawa, AIST, is introduced in the news release page of OFC 2017 as a noteworthy research result.
    “Fully Integrated Non-Duplicate Polarization-Diversity 8 × 8 Si-Wire PILOSS Switch”, Ken Tanizawa, Keijiro Suzuki, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Shu Namiki, and Hitoshi Kawashima, AIST.
    (This topic was mentioned in "LIGHTWAVE online news" on February 2, 2017)

  • The 23rd Executive Committee Meeting was held.

  • The 12th Network Architecture Study Group3 (NASG3) Meeting was held.

  • IEEE Certifies that Dr. Shu Namiki, a chairman of the executive committee of VICTORIES,  has been elevated to the grade of Fellow for contribution to optical amplification.  Honorary Certificate