Site policy

No prior permission is required to link to VICTORIES website. However, the following links are considered to be prohibited.

  • Any third party website containing contents that may offend public order or be considered as  morally offensive.
  • Any third party website containing contents which may cause miss-understanding concerning VICTORIES's activities.
  • Any third party website containing contents which may damage VICTORIES's image and/or reputation, or infringe upon the rights of a specific individual and/or organization.
  • Links which give the appearance that VICTIRIE's contents or information released through the site are a part of the third-party website.
    (For instance, in the case where the whole or a part of a page of VICTORIES site is linked through a frame or inline frame.)

All contents included on VICTORIES's site are the exclusive property of AIST. Unless otherwise stated explicitly, all contents are protected by international copyright laws. In the case of using the site including documents and images for business or commercial purposes, please contact the following department for prior permission.

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