Research Topics

Dynamic Node Technology

Being consistent with the discussions of Network Architecture Study Group (NASG), Dynamic Node Technology will develop a multi-granular path node technology that allows flexibility and easy migration, through system integration of the path switches with different granularities such as sub-wavelength, wavelength, and fiber, developed in VICTORIES.

NEC will develop a dynamic wavelength path technology targeting next generation ROADM technologies. Fujitsu will develop the ODU cross-connect technology as a switch technology with a granularity of sub-wavelength. AIST will develop the Dynamic Node technology using these switch technologies as well as optical path processors developed by AIST. Sumitomo will develop a tunable laser diode technology, one of the key devices to realize the Dynamic Node, in partnership with other collaborating companies. The Dynamic Node will also be equipped with the interfaces of the resource manager and optical path conditioners to actually perform the field demonstration experiments, playing the central role of the Dynamic Optical Path Network.